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020 Reaktor 3D in the mail.

posted Jan 30, 2013, 8:08 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 11, 2013, 8:51 AM ]

With all these multirotors I am spending more time fixing them than flying, so I have decided to lash out and get myself into 3D.

Now that HK have fixed their postal issues I have an EPP Reaktor 3D in the mail. It seems pretty popular and looks to be a nice design, it even has a real airfoil. Something that I can fly in and out of the trees in the small yard and it will not break in a crash.

Don't tell the misses, I'm going to tell her I made it out of scrap foam :).

If you want to support my work here are my affiliate links for the other warehouses. USAAUSNL, DE and UK.
It costs you nothing and I get 5% from the sale to spend on rc stuff.

From the reviews and comments here is what I chose for the hardware:

UPDATE: This motor is a piece of shit, recommendations on HK are also crud. The base of the motor is very thin and failed due to vibration.
I have a much bigger motor from my FPV Raptor on board now that is super powerful but I get short flight times.
A Turnigy Park300 1600kV is in the mail.

The HXT500s are fine but they break really easily in a crash. I am going to go with these in the future which have been recommended.

I was not sure which prop so I got a few. I bought the airframe separate to the hardware and all up cost me about 2 pineapples ($100). Bargain.

Note: Coming from HK it is of course a clone. It is also known as the TechOne Mini Tempo 3D . 

My video of first flights.

HobbyKings video with a decent pilot flying it.