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Do you like this site or my youtube videos? Has hacking your 9x radio saved you from spending hundreds of dollars? 

There are a number of ways you can support my work.
  • Send me stuff. I will open it up on camera in the new mailbag segment. Then if it is useful or interesting perhaps a review or teardown, even use it in a project.
    Anything I cannot use will be donated to some local young hobbyists, I am not one to bin stuff.

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  • Google Ads really don't make me much at all but please don't block my ads, and if you really are interested click on it.
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    The price remains the same for you and I can only spend the commission on more stuff from Hobbyking, Happy days.
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Or you can buy me a beer every month. Of course it depends on where you are in the world how much a beer costs. So here are some fictional beer prices:

I do not drink much so any excess will go towards the bills and new gear for the channel.

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