Arduino simple 4 channel remote control.

A very simple way to make your Arduino project remote control. The units have 4 binary channels and the small remote control has 4 corresponding buttons.

This is a good beginners Arduino project.

Wiring is as simple as attaching ground, power and each of the four channels to the arduino pins you want to use.

I did not do it myself but inline 1k resistors on the channel pins is good practice. It limits the current if you mistakenly use the Arduino pins as outputs.

Simple Arduino example with a servo.

#include <Servo.h> 


Servo myservo; 


void setup() 






void loop() 












Finding these on the web:

Search for "315 mhz remote control 4 channel"

This one is the closest I have found to the one in this video.

Please comments and questions here on the youtube video.