OpenLRS - Long range UHF system.

In my opinion this is the best performing UHF control system out there. Better than Dragon link, EzUHF, RMILEC, RangeLink and Scherrer. 

You do not believe me? Check out this comparison and remember, since that test the OpenLRS software has been getting better. 

Features:   Up to 20 channel frequency hopping. 

                 Lost model beacon.

                 FrSky telemetry emulation.

                 Transparent serial link.

                 Spectrum analyser.

                 RSSI out, (analog and PWM)

                 Up to 14 control channels.


The firmware is the most important part. The best version out there is the moment is OpenLRSng which thanks to Kari and others, shits all over all of the other systems. There is a small learning curve and I have made a few videos, but there is also this thread on RCGroups for stupid questions. Make sure you thank Kari for his work.


There are a few options for hardware and these are growing:

Latest models,

(US based)


The original Flytron module and boosters. Kudos to the Turkish genius who thought up the original hardware. 7 watts anybody?

Of course HK have cloned both the RX and TX modules. Only 100mW but that is all you need.

Finally there are a few new hardware versions coming out:

The tiny DTF UHF receiver

A new 1W TX module and also 32bit dual module diversity receiver are on the way.

SMA mod to handheld radio for beacon hunting.