First time fixed wing

Links for Australians to get started in RC with a fixed wing aircraft.

All the HK links should be for the AUS warehouse. It should be possible to get it all sent at once, but it might be cheaper postage wise to get the airframe in one package and the other parts in ano

Airframe. Two choices here.

    Bixler 1.1    Cheap flies well and loads of information out there.

     this ARF (almost ready to fly version) has a motor and servos included.  it will require an ESC (electronic speed controller)

         this one has connectors all ready so hopefully no soldering required


              or incase you expect to go faster later on:


    Cloudsfly AXN:  slightly smaller (perhaps more rugged)  which includes an ESC

            only problem is that it comes with the wrong battery connector. this is an adapter from the international warehouse: 


            I have connectors and can easy convert it. 


This charger will require a 12V wall wart of some sort the more amps it can supply the better. It comes with clips to hook to a car battery, Its possible to convert an old computer powersupply.

Some 3S batteries: a few different links here as battery availability can change quite often.

We are after 3S (11.1V)  with a capacity from 1600mAh to 2200mAh. It is a good idea to get a few. At least one smaller and one larger.





and some tape to make it look a bit more like a drone, also helps with repairs.

A transmitter.

       FrSky Taranis X9D

       Now for the transmitter we are not going to go for the cheapest. Much better to get something that will last and that is expandable. 

        If you decide not to take on the hobby this model also holds it resale value.

       This radio is very popular, because of its capabilities and value. I have the same one: with a training cable we can hook them together to aid in learning.

        It is not currently available at hobbyking, hobbyking is great for airframes and simple hardware but their customer service is really bad.

       For the more expensive gear it is always better to go local.

I can recommend this supplier here in oz, he specialises in multirotors but the radio gear is the same.

        You want to get the mode2 version. 

           url says coming soon but it is in stock.       

        Training cable.

     finally a receiver to go in the airframe which matches your transmitter.  these are excellent and can be used in any future projects.

thats it, If we missed anything we will make do and update this later. any questions let me know.