Gilbo's Tricopter


First flights

On first test it spun around like a top before lift-off, I had to change the yaw gyro setting from 100 to -100.

Also fitted a battery/camera tray underneath to serve as landing gear as well. Just a 4mm balsa sheet mounted with some 0.8mm welding wire and hot glue.

Weight without battery is 134 grams.


Changed the wire and glue to foam and hot glue mounts.  Green led on back for orientation.

KK2 settings

P/R 70, 100, 10, 20

Yaw 50, 20, 5, 10

S/L 60,50, 0

S/S 70, 70, 80, 90

My main aim was KISS as I am not a very skilled pilot with RC, having flown planes and gliders for 46 years. So here is my tricopter which is my second homebuild after a similar sized quad. FPV gear is really low resolution 5 GHz Fat Shark setup with the 433mHz pan tilt system removed.

Unfortunately my eyes are not so young so I don't think that even HD goggles would help, so this is just a dip into FPV for me.

The tricopter weighs only 278 grams with 1000mAh 3s battery and flies for 10 minutes on a charge.

Motors 20g 2300KV

9g servo.

Props 5030,

Balsa frame

Esc's 8-10 A HK with Simonk flash

KK2 with V1.6++ FW

Orange rx


Three cell 1000mAH battery test for thrust results,

Voltage drop from 12.5 to 8.3 volts at 16.4 amps with 550 grams of thrust.

With 2 cell battery thrust was 325 grams.

Weight of tricopter 145g, with camera 158g,

with 460mAh 3S battery 191.5g

with 1000mAh 3S battery 236g

with 1300mAh 2S battery 222g

with 800mAh 2S battery 197g

Re-built with pine frame and slightly larger with 270mm motor centers at the front and front to back 280mm centers.

Weight is now 200g including new lights.

With 1000mAh 3s battery it weighs 290g.