Long Range FPV Raptor

The ultimate goal with this airframe is to make an FPV flight over the nearby Tunguruhua Volcano.

Obviously this project needs a lot of preparation and here is a long way to go, more videos to come.

Stuff to buy:

And here are links to the Raptor and parts I have used on HK. Please note these are affiliate links so I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support my work so please come back here and use the links if you decide to buy.

FPV Raptor: international, USA, AUS, EU, and UK warehouses.

The stock motor, esc and servos are crap this is what I am using.

D2826 2200kV international, USA, AUS, EU and UK

TGS Sport 6x4E propellor: international, USA, AUS, EU, and UK.

HXT900 servos (6): international, USA, AUS, EU, and UK.

HK 40A ESC: international, AUS, EU, and UK.

For reference here is the original manufactures website, they recently changed their name from Lanyu to Volantex.

There is a newer 2m version of the Raptor however HK do not stock it and I am not sure of a good place to buy this from.

There is also the Phoenix 2000 available from HK which, from what I have read, the wing is interchangeable with the FPV Raptor.

ARF: international, USA, AUS, EU, and UK

PnF: international, USA, AUS, EU and UK

Quote from RCG "I've fitted a Turnigy 2836 (300w) Motor with a 9x6 Prop and 40Amp ESC using a 2200mAh Li-Po in my Pheonix.

But would recommend strenghtening the firewall...if using this motor.."

Quotes HK:

 "There are quite a number of Phoenix 2000 gliders in our club now and generally all have upgraded to NTM3542 1000kV. I use a Turnigy Plush 60 amp ESC - 1500 fpm on the climb not an issue. Motor is mounted with 3mm aluminium plate on the inside of the forward bulkhead and the same externally so the plastic nose bulkhead is firmly sandwiched. Propeller is 11 x 8 CD folding. 72 grams of lead is attached to underside of elevator - to offset motor and 2800 Mah 3S - flight time can be 45 minutes on 5 minute run time on transmitter. "

"So, I installed an NTM 3530/1100 which halls.nanotech 1800 three cell and 10x6 folding prop."

" I bought the bare bones version and equipped it with a Turnigy 2217-16 motor, 2200-3S lipo and 30A plug'n'play ESC. Be sure to secure the clevise arms from spreading with a short piece of shrink tube or silicon tubing."

"my preferred setup: 4 hxt 900 servos (of course) 4 nylon clevises turnigy sk3 2830 920kv bl motor hobbywing 30am esc"

"I'm adding another review on the Phoenix 2000.. I have now 15 flights now. I've owned many gliders over the last 32 years and this one is the best glider I have ever owned and flown!

Motor: Turnigy 2836 1000KV

ESC: HobbyKing 25~30

Servo's: HXK900's (Flaps)

: HobbyKing HKSCM9 5v

LiPo: Turnigy 2.2 Nano-Tech 3S 25~50C

Prop: Stock 10x4 with plastic hub folding prop supplied in the kit.

It takes only 45 to 1 minute to reach 700 to 800 feet! Motor off, the motor brake works as advertised. I stayed in a thermal for over 30 minutes with the battery only down to 3.98 3.98 3.98. "

Likewise with the newer Pheonix 2.6m. Again I am not sure where to buy, but I want that wing.

More information:

Lots of information here in this monster rcgroups thread.

Bignose did some early unboxing and reviews:




Finally Alishanmao has done a heap of videos on the FPV Raptor.