001 RCHacker.com is born.

Post date: Jul 14, 2012 5:14:44 AM

My name is Marc, I'm Australian and I live in Ecuador. Life has blessed me with a bit of spare time and a very interesting location to fly in so I decided to start this website. I will admit I am heavily inspired by Bruce at www.rcmodelreviews.com and David at www.rcexplorer.se, so while there is sweet bugger all here, please go and visit them. Their sites are awesome.

I've just been slaving away making a log of the work on my new Turnigy 9x, and I have to say making these articles takes longer than you think, certainly longer than doing the actual build. I guess I will get better at it and the articles will keep coming. The 9x, what do I call it build log? tutorial? is almost finished. I hope someone else finds it useful. Once tricked out I find the 9x amazing.

Next up I have a bunch of photos of my first multirotor build to publish. I'm going to call it the Bang Buck Quad, because it was cheap, it goes like a skinned cat and all the parts were made in China. So far I have had a ball flying it, and coming from helicopters I tend to crash it a lot simply because it does not have as much kinetic energy in the blades. Just broken props so far and a slightly wounded tree.