002 Fun with Final Cut Pro

Post date: Jul 18, 2012 5:33:19 AM

Three cameras, one on the ground, one on Bang Buck Quad, and one over the transmitter. A Canon SX30, GoPro and my trusty old Nikon E3700. It was a very windy day and being impatient, I did not balance the new props. These combined views should work well with the filming of the Multicopter controller shootout. This is my second ever video made with Final Cut Pro and the first time I have used any effects. I'm learning fast thanks to FinalCutKing.

Update: the CG was a little high with the GoPro mounted where it was, will try again with the battery slung underneath.

By the way, the SimonK firmware and Turnigy 9x tutorials are almost finished. I still have a few flashing screenshots to put in. I will announce them here once they are done.

cheers, Marc.