005 5.8GHz Clover Leaf and Skew Planar

Post date: Jul 29, 2012 5:33:12 AM

As fiddly as fiddler crab with a violin. Made according to part two of Bruce's FPV backpack tutorial. I did the math and the dimensions seem to be for about 5.7GHz. Which is about channel 3 of the TX and RX units we are using. Just as well since according to the specs these units have 4 channels below 5.8G and four above with a big gap around 5.8GHz. Anyone know why?

edit: I worked it out, the chipsets are capable of an additional 16 channels that the unit hardware does not make use of.

2nd edit: I've hacked the modules so they now have 24 channels! Expect a write-up in the future.