011 IBCrazy's BiQuad 11dbi antennae

Post date: Oct 01, 2012 4:44:25 PM

I want to introduce everyone to Alex, aka IBCrazy.  Among the FPV crowd he should be knighted. He has shared his knowledge for practically nothing and done a lot of research into making these antennas and making them as easy as possible to build.

He has instructions for quite a few antenna types that have different characteristics. Cloverleaf, Skew-planar and cross-hair are a few and will probably be my choice for FPV work.

I built this one to improve our wireless coverage here at home, I chose it because it is linearly polarised and directional. We have lots of jungle trees in our garden and I can now enjoy wifi anywhere on the property.

Here is a link to his instructions for the BiQuad that are at RCGroups. His articles also feature at the FPVLab forums.

The stuff in the background are some ESCs I am hacking. Top secret project that one ;).

Not shown here but the coax solders directly onto the board where I took the old antenna off. The whole lot has been placed in a foam box and mounted on the side of the house.

Keep in mind that adding high gain antennas to wifi equipment is illegal in some countries.