014 Trustfire battery explosion.

Post date: Dec 15, 2012 3:24:32 PM

Can we trust Trustfire batteries?

Remember these batteries? I used them in my Turnigy 9x battery upgrade. I managed to overcharge the so called "protected" cells. Looking at the revision history this happened late September. So about 2 months ago.

I left the dead cell on my shelf with the intention of doing a teardown at a later date. I never got the chance, the thing exploded.

These are all the bits after I cleaned up an collected them from all parts of the desk, shelf and floor.

Because my desk was such a mess I actually did not notice that anything had happened, I just thought that opossums had been running around above the ceiling as there was black dust over everything.

Then I realised what had happened.

After removing all the non dead battery stuff from the desk this is what was left. Luckily the laptop was elsewhere for the explosion.

Black ash everywhere.

You can see the outline of the tools.

This is over a metre from the source.

This pot got embedded in these pliers.

And my poor TX had a burning bit of battery land on it. This was taken after I scraped all the melted stuff away. Luckily it still works.

And this was the source of the explosion. Obviously there was a fire also, I was lucky my new office did not burn down.

For over two months this cell had just sat around, then one night with no provocation it exploded. Thinking back I must have heard it from the house, the dogs went nuts too. I just thought it was the usual backfiring car or fireworks which happens a lot here in Ecuador.

To be fair I was not using the recommended charger. In fact I just the pair on a 12V 500mA source and relied on the protection circuitry. 

I still have the other one from the pair that is now powering a small mp3 player. I will not be using that anymore as I don't want to blow my bollocks off. At a later date I will take it apart to see if it really does have protection circuitry inside. I am guessing not, as I searched hard for the circuitry in the debris. Perhaps it got burnt away, we will see..

Done, enjoy.