016 Successful FPV first steps on the Mini Tricopter.

Post date: Dec 26, 2012 7:8:55 AM

My first FPV flight was with the flying wing. It was scary, fast and twitchy. At the mercy of the wind and prone to spinning in a stall it was not a pleasant way to learn. I had a very short go on the Bang Buck Quad and then on a tri-copter made from the same hardware. Again the flights were difficult I was too nervous about crashing these heavy beasts and smashing the FPV gear to bits.

So I built from scratch and I built light. Balsa wood and bare electronics. Anyway here is some very amateur filming of my first FPV flight on the Mini Tricopter, as you can see I was pretty pleased with the flight.

I also have a few more videos on the Mini Tricopter playlist