018 Introducing The Amp Hour.

Post date: Jan 19, 2013 5:33:55 AM

If you have never heard of it. It is a radio show with two engineers talking about everything electronics. I like it. So far I have listened to the last 10 episodes and the first 15. I still have 100 more to listen to and new ones come each week.

Early episodes are just Chris and Dave chatting away about whatever they can think of. Lately they have been having some very interesting people on as guests. One that my visitors must listen to is when they have Chris Anderson creator of DIY Drones as a guest on the show. If you only listen to one episode then listen to this one:  

The Amp Hour #105 -- Deambulatory Daedal Drones

Dave's EEVBlog originally got me inspired to start my youtube channel. Chris has not really inspired me to do anything yet. At least his voice is slightly less annoying.

Just kidding, listening to both of them has got me seriously thinking about open sourcing my diversity receiver prototype and refining it enough to try and sell it. Chris also runs Chip Report TV, I have only watched a little bit so far. Very niche and technical.

Anyway, The Amp Hour gets a big thumbs up from me. Have a listen. If you do not find it interesting, then you probably should not be here.

Disclaimer: The real reason I wrote this article it to get a mention on their show. :)

Chris: You might find Arduino on the KK2 interesting.

Dave: For your canyon copter: FrSky range testing with the 9X.