023 Studying hard and waiting for the mail.

Post date: Mar 21, 2013 1:49:15 AM

I have been very busy lately reviving my Engineering skills. My background is Aerospace and more so Software Engineering and during my studies we covered every branch of engineering including hardware design. It has been a few years since I worked as a software engineer, and even more since I did any hardware at university. After a number of years travelling and doing completely unrelated jobs.  I am amazed how technology has progressed, including the software tools to make things happen. It seems we are in a brave new word where it is affordable to design and get made your own PCBs. Microcontrollers are amazingly cheap and powerful and with an Arduino and a bit of hacking it is possible to do re-flow soldering in a hacked toaster oven. Finally the internet: 95% full of crap but if you search for it you can learn anything.

While some of the RC technology out there is brilliant. FrSky, KK2, OpenPilot are a couple that come to mind. So much of it is just utter crap, cheaply made and full of bugs. There are many products where a bit of good engineering can make a huge difference. FPV gear is one.

So I want to work my ass off and get some products of my own out there. I have many ideas but I'm not going to promise them all at once.

My design philosophy will be: Not what I think you want or even what you think you want, but what I want. If you like it, great. If not tough. 

If I go broke trying at least I will have some nice gear. :)

Very early days yet, but I will continue to share my progress on YouTube

My first set of PCBs (the Switch) is apparently on its way. Unfortunately postage is far too slow and sometimes unreliable to Ecuador... :(