Futaba AM Conquest FP-4NL

A vintage radio teardown: Futaba AM Conquest FP-4NL

I love old electronics, it is great to see how things were made and how well they were made as well.

My father was given this old radio along with a pile of vintage rc planes and parts. The hardware is still quite usable and it is pretty easy to hack and convert into a 2.4G or 433MHz system.

With the popularity of 2.4 and 433 it may just be the case that these systems become quite reliable given that the 72MHz spectrum was reserved and most probably still is just used for RC aircraft.

Below are links to the manual and the datasheet of the only integrated circuits that are in the system. The OKI 9362 is in the transmitter and converts four analog signals into a CPPM signal and I assume the one in the receiver is the OKI 9362 which decodes the signal into four servo signals.